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Warm welcome to the world of natural tastes. We introduce different food products which is made from pure natural Coconut. Products from Nata has high protein and nutrients. Rich fibre contents helps in best digestive system.

Nata Nutrico Life

Nata De Coco Dietary Food is a Translucent , jelly like food.Nata De Coco Dietary Food has Low Calories, high Dietary fiber and no Cholesterol and it is good for digestive systems.

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Premium Coconut Vinegar

Mature coconut water, the waste product of the coconut oil milk was being wasted on large quantity and was creating environmental pollution.our team thought of making use of this waste product...

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Honey Coco Dietary Fibre Jam

Dietary fibre Honey is our another product . Instead of sugar syrup and we are using Neera Honey or Bee Honey in the preparation. This make the honey more healthy and rich in fibres.

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Nata Nutrico Coco Drink

With nata de coco we are producing the Nata De Coco drink in various flavors of litchi, Orange, Strawberry, Guvava etc. This nutritious drink is made with both tender Coconut and Mature coconut water base.

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