Honey Coco Dietary Fibre Jam

Dietary fibre Honey is our another product . Instead of sugar syrup and we are using Neera Honey or Bee Honey in the preparation. This make the honey more healthy and rich in fibres. This lip licking tasty honey is available at different quantities. Since it is zen percentage natural, this honey has high nutrients other than that of other honeys. The entire making process of dietary honey takes place in a hygiene and clean space . That's why we ensure high quality for our products. Since it is an edible product our entire team is also conscious about the quality. Our quality check specialists check each and every pack of honey and examin the taste, quality of product. Dietary fibre honey, the name itself says the speciality of this honey. Rich in fibre content helps in digestive systems and avoid several health problems which develop by the digestive issues.

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