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Our company is the first in India that produces on an industrial basis, a new coconut food supplement, NATA NUTRICO, rich in fiber through the fermentation of coconut milk and coconut water. The NATA NUTRICO has been made as a result of 10yrs of experimentation in quality and cleanliness during making and packing. For that we have been receiving the support and cooperation from the Coconut Development Board, a government of India undertak- ing. NATA NUTRICO is reach in natural fibers which What helps you in digestion and resistance to gastro intestinal diseases. Natal This healthy food supplement is for the produced in India only by our company and similar search products made only by Japan, Thailand and Philippines.



Nata de coco, a chewy, translucent, indigenous dessert in the Philippines which is very popular in Japan. In 1993, Japanese people, especially young people consider nata de coco a popular dessert. however, its popularity declined because their interest moved to another trendy dessert Small coconut farmers and those who started manufacturing nata de coco in the Philippines began to export more nata de coco to Japan in 1993. Though Japan imported 90 percent of the Philippines nata de coco, supply did not meet the demand for the dessert in Japan. About one year later, the product's astonishing popularity quieted Environmental and unemployment problems arose and Japan was importing nata coco from the Philippines

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